About the Walker College Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Walker College Foundation is to support education and economic growth in Walker County by providing scholarships and support to students seeking higher education opportunities. Students apply for scholarships through Bevill State Community College and are awarded Walker College Foundation scholarships based on the wishes of the original endowment benefactor.

Making an Impact

WCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public, education foundation with a vision to transform and enhance the lives of students. The Foundation provides educational opportunities and scholarship support to our community members.

You Can Help

Donations to the Walker College Foundation are vitally important in this challenging economy. That's why we are turning to individuals, corporations and foundations for help in making the dream of a college education affordable to all students.

The knowledge, fulfillment, self-awareness, and broadening of horizons associated with education transform the lives of students and those with whom they live and work.


Board Members

A volunteer Board of Trustees comprised of community leaders governs the Foundation. We select members based on their dedication to higher education and their commitment to strengthening the mission of the Walker College Foundation.

The Walker College Foundation Board meets quarterly on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

2015-2016 Meeting Schedule

November 18, 2015
February 24, 2016
May 25, 2016
August 24, 2016
November 16, 2016

William "Bud" LongChairmanJasper, AL

Jud AllenJasper, AL

Robbin Reed AllenJasper, AL

Marthanne BrownJasper, AL

Mike DoverJasper, AL

Terry GurganusJasper, AL

Brandy Long HillJasper, AL

Edward "Eddie" JacksonJasper, AL

Fred MayJasper, AL

Al McAdamsJasper, AL

Lawson MurphyJasper, AL

Rusty RichardsonJasper, AL

Dr. David RowlandJasper, AL

Ronnie ShawJasper, AL

Al SimmonsBirmingham, AL

Sue Ellen Rowland SummersBirmingham, AL

Becky TracyBirmingham, AL

Matt WoodsJasper, AL

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