Read Alabama hosts Matt Doss on February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016 - Matt Doss and The Stone of David

The descendants of Abraham, Jews, Muslims and Christians have been locked in battle for millennia, marring the earth and the face of humanity with one destructive skirmish and war after another. However, the conflicts that make the news are merely eruptions of evidence from a deeper and more sinister war that has raged uninterrupted and mostly underground since the beginning of time. At the heart of some of the world's oldest secrets, the Stone of David holds the key to a body of knowledge with the power to unravel the tidy facade of global stability and provide ultimate power to the possessor.

An unusual alliance of old enemies has carved a new facet into this landscape of power struggles. Laura Wells, a former CIA agent, and her husband Alexander, one of "The 12", are forced out of seclusion and into full conflict with those bent on igniting the tenth Crusade and WWIII. Through new alliances, uncovered secrets between them, and the use of an array of stunning technology, Laura and Alexander take the fight to the heart of this global meltdown and to the most furiously contested patch of earth that is Jerusalem.

Matt Doss has spent a lifetime gathering knowledge from his various travels and encounters with people of many cultures and backgrounds. His writings span from fiction to non-fiction, from international thrillers to inspirational reflections. His first novel, The Stone of David, received critical acclaim as one of the top 10 books of 2013 according to the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

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