Dr. David Jack and Mary Ellen Rowland Family Scholarship Fund established with WCF

The Walker College Foundation proudly announces the establishment of the Dr. David Jack and Mary Ellen Rowland Family Endowed Scholarship Fund. The new scholarship fund is comprised of gifts from the Rowland family, community members, and the Walker College Foundation trustees, and will benefit students attending the Walker College Campus of Bevill State Community College.

The Rowland Family Endowed Scholarship represents the deeply held values of Dr. and Mrs. Rowland who recognized that the Walker College campus of Bevill State should be a place of opportunity and future success for college-ready students from Walker County and surrounding counties. This fund will provide scholarship support for students attending Bevill State-Walker College Campus with full tuition and fee scholarships for up to two years/64 semester hours to complete an associate’s degree.

David Rowland, a native of Ohio, met his future wife, Mary Ellen Stinson, at The University of Alabama during World War II. He took the position of President of Walker College in 1956 and served in that position from 1956 to 1988 and as Chancellor of Walker College from 1988 to 1995. He then served as Interim President of Walker College and as Vice-President of The University of Alabama at Birmingham from 1995 to 1997.

Rowland’s impact on Walker College and the community has been noteworthy. When he moved to Jasper in 1956, Walker College had four teachers, 32 students, and one building, Davis Hall. In 1988, after 33 years of dedicated service, Walker College had over 1,000 students, 14 buildings, and an endowment exceeding $5 million. Through his leadership and guidance at Walker College, and as a trustee with the Walker College Foundation, Dr. Rowland has had significant influence over thousands of students across several generations who progressed on to higher studies, professions, and occupations throughout the world.

Sue Ellen Rowland Summers, daughter of David and Mary Ellen Rowland and Walker College Foundation trustee, said, “Our father has always felt that education was extremely important. During the Great Depression he worked full time and attended high school full time. After the war, he continued this practice while obtaining his college and graduate degrees. Through his lifetime of discipline and hard work, and with a vision for the future, I feel he has bettered our community for everyone. This scholarship was created to ensure college-ready students from this area are provided financial support, guidance, and a fair opportunity to attend college. It is our hope that this full tuition scholarship will help sustain and enhance studies at the Walker College Campus for many years to come. We all benefit from the enriched lives of the scholarship recipients and hope that they will become leaders in the community and provide a legacy of their own to others.”

The Rowland scholarship fund is the newest scholarship fund established over the history of Walker College. Other recent funds include the Steve Byars Annual Scholarship Fund, the Bob Reed Mining Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Stella and John Whit Long Endowed Scholarship Fund, and the Larry Drummond Endowed Scholarship Fund. The Foundation’s scholarship funds have provided close to $3 million dollars to more than 1500 students over the last 20 years. This fall, the Walker College Foundation will offer $237,000 in full tuition and fee scholarships to 48 students who attend Bevill State-Walker College Campus.

For questions about contributing to or establishing a scholarship fund with the Walker College Foundation, contact Holly Trawick, Executive Director, at 205-310-3189 or Contributions to the Walker College Foundation may be mailed to WCF, P. O. Box 2228, Jasper, AL 35502 or donate online at

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